I think I'm just lonely

This is a project that came about by accident when I was really down in the dumps. Basically, nothing seemed to be going right in life, and I kind of started to hate photography. The majority of these photos are taken with my shitty 35mm film cameras. I often shoot a few rolls just for the hell of it, but I never really took these photos seriously. After finally coming around to processing the rolls, these images started to tell something about myself that I didn’t even know. I was down in the dumps for a very simple reason. I was lonely… in just about all aspects of my life. I didn’t feel like I had anything else to lose, so I just went ahead and called it what it is, hence the overly straightforward name. It’s helped me a lot the past two years. I didn’t realize how important it was to have a place for my emotions, regardless of how ugly and imperfect they are. I guess you can say this is the truest form of me. I just never thought it’d turn out like this.

All photos are posted on a separate Instagram account: @ithinkimjustlonely - I used to post more regularly but seeing that I’ve been more proactive about improving my life, I am no longer posting as much. Granted, I know that life has its ups and downs, so when I hit my lows again, I guess these images will present themselves to me again.

Having said all that. I just want to say that it’s okay to feel lonely. I wish someone could’ve told me that. I guess this project is sort of my way of reminding myself that I’m ok.