Barely Evolved Apes

A lot of my work can be very serious at times. I created this YouTube channel as a way to express the sillier sides of myself and to also challenge myself. IE: Put myself in front of the camera instead of behind. It's very difficult. Not only am I working with motion, I am now working with sound, editing, storytelling, pacing, and most important of all, trying to keep it all together in front of the camera. I'm not very good at this, hence the name, Barely Evolved Apes. I'm just another earthling, flawed by design, trying to evolve into a fully functional human being. I hope that by sharing my discoveries along the way, it will help you along your journey as well.

Here you will see a selection of my less crappy videos. And if you dare to dive into the depths that is YouTube, you can check out my channel here. Remember to subscribe! No pressure though. But seriously, subscribe.